The Changing Landscape of California’s Law Enforcement Agencies

Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA)

As mandated by the Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA), California state and local law enforcement agencies began collecting stop data and reporting all necessary information to the Department of Justice in 2018. When considering who to stop, RIPA expanded the definition of racial and identity profiling to include actual or perceived race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation and mental or physical disability.

In addition to race and identity, RIPA requires that all officers report the reason the stop was initiated and the result of the interaction. RIPA further asks that all agencies issue their first annual documentation report to California’s Attorney General by 2023.


Catalyst for Change

RIPA is the catalyst for California’s evolving law enforcement landscape but is also part of a larger revolution we are experiencing across the country. Departments are working to improve integrity, transparency, accountability and trust in the communities they serve.

A number of state and federal reporting requirements, however, are resulting in additional pressures on these agencies and their officers. Long hailed as a progressive state whose policies are adopted nationally, California has been profoundly impacted. As RIPA transitions to its final stages of implementation, it’s important to note that other states may begin to face this type of requirement in the near future. 


LEFTA Systems PASS Software

As recommended by the Department of Justice, law enforcement agencies should establish plans outlining how officers will perform the required documentation.

LEFTA Systems offers a solution that not only complies with RIPA but goes a step further by directly sending the automated data to California’s Department of Justice. Our Profiling Accountability Software Solution (PASS) offers a proactive, one-step application that allows officers to develop a field investigation report documenting all requisite information about contact made. Through direct reporting of deep analysis and actionable insights, PASS adheres to California’s profiling requirements and identifies issues, thus mitigating future incidents. LEFTA Systems is one of the few software applications with direct access to the DOJ. 


Would Your Department Benefit? 

Would your department benefit from profiling accountability software? Would you like to protect your agency and community from claims of profiling bias? Our software can help. 

You can request a virtual demo of the PASS software, as well as all of our other law enforcement software solutions, to see how they can help you and your department.


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