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Any company is only as good as its people. We are proud of the team we have assembled to ensure that our users are taken care of. LEFTA Systems prides itself on excellent customer service and our high referral rate and accolades our employees receive almost daily reflect that. Our team is a carefully selected group of people that are experts in law enforcement and first responder matters as well as experts in the fields of software development and data analytics.

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Bill Steward

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Bryan Selzer


Bryan Selzer stands as a notable leader in the realm of law enforcement technology, melding a strong educational background with a wealth of practical experience. As the CEO and Founder of LEFTA Systems, he brings insights from both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Criminal Justice and a robust twenty-year career in law enforcement. His profound engagement with the law enforcement community for almost 30 years is a distinguishing feature of his professional journey and a driving force behind LEFTA Systems’ business initiatives.

Since 2006, LEFTA Systems, under Selzer’s guidance, has significantly impacted the landscape of law enforcement software. The company’s SHIELD Suite, addressing critical areas such as Training, Use of Force, Internal Affairs, and Stop Data, has become an essential tool for over 600 law enforcement agencies nationwide. His ongoing dialogue with law enforcement professionals and agencies ensures that LEFTA Systems remains at the forefront of technological advancements in the field.

Selzer’s deep engagement with the law enforcement community is further exemplified by his role as a trusted advisor and thought leader. His invitation to the White House by the Department of Justice on policing data speaks volumes about his expertise and respect in the sector.

Tej Patel


Tej Patel, the Chief Information Officer at LEFTA Systems, leverages his extensive technical knowledge to improve law enforcement methods using cutting-edge technologies. He holds a Master’s in Computer Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s in Information Technology from Pune University, underpinning his expertise in technological advancements.

In his role at LEFTA Systems, Tej is responsible for overseeing the SHIELD Suite, focusing on enhancing high-liability areas with sophisticated software solutions. His leadership has been instrumental in significantly boosting engineering productivity and in the successful shift of LEFTA Systems to a SaaS business model, which has led to a high rate of recurring engagements.

Tej’s skill set is wide-ranging, including strategic planning, organizational development, and effective team leadership. His experience spans from being a .Net architect to a business development lead. Under his direction, LEFTA Systems has achieved SOC2 and CJIS compliance, marking his commitment to maintaining industry standards and improving law enforcement through technology. Previously, as the Lead Application Developer at Black Diamond Performance Reporting, Tej demonstrated his expertise in designing security software and leading impactful development projects. With a robust background in computer science, proven leadership skills, and a passion for technological innovation, Tej Patel plays a pivotal role in enhancing law enforcement capabilities and in promoting the growth of LEFTA Systems in the tech industry.

Dr. Claudia Selzer


Claudia Selzer, as the Chief Financial Officer of LEFTA Systems, embodies a rare blend of healthcare leadership, academic experience, and financial acumen. A medical doctor by training, her journey in finance, rooted in the medical sector, began as an Executive Medical Director for an ENT surgery center. Here, she developed expertise in managing financial operations, ensuring regulatory compliance, and overseeing the transition to electronic data systems—all pivotal skills that seamlessly transitioned to her role as a CFO.

In addition to her corporate responsibilities, Claudia’s academic credentials are bolstered by her role as an Assistant Professor at the University of North Florida, further enriching her multifaceted profile. Since joining LEFTA Systems, she has been crucial in directing financial statement preparation and managing the company’s overall financial health. Her strategic vision aligns financial goals with business objectives, optimizing resources, and enhancing long-term sustainability.

As a medical doctor, Claudia’s background as an independent business consultant has honed her skills in analyzing operations, identifying improvement areas, and boosting performance and efficiency. Her transition from medical directorship to CFO is underscored by her deep understanding of complex regulatory environments and stringent compliance requirements—vital skills for financial oversight in a technology firm. Her experience in budgeting and revenue management laid a solid foundation for her current responsibilities at LEFTA Systems.

Her expertise in change management and system implementation has been a significant asset in her financial leadership role. Claudia’s track record of fostering high-performing teams, managing change, and implementing effective financial controls highlights her ability to navigate and excel in the diverse challenges of corporate finance.

Bill Steward

IT Manager

Bill Stewart serves as a pivotal figure within LEFTA Systems as the IT Manager. With over two decades of profound expertise in IT and software development, his career has been marked by a fervent dedication to assembling high-performing teams, developing secure applications, and refining systems and processes.

Bill’s rich background spans Fortune 500 companies to smaller entrepreneurial ventures, showcasing his adeptness in various IT operations. His leadership is strategically anchored in process improvement, expectation management, production optimization, downtime minimization, ROI-based prioritization, resource management, and financial performance.

With a robust skill set honed over two decades, Bill Stewart brings a unique ability to simplify and communicate complex technical concepts with clarity and precision. His passion for building and directing high-performing teams, coupled with his adept problem-solving skills, positions him as a cornerstone in the effective implementation of integrated IT solutions at LEFTA Systems. Bill’s commitment to excellence and continual improvement underscores his role as a vital force in the company’s pursuit of operational efficiency and success.

Sheriff Emery Gainey

Sheriff Emery Gainey, with a distinguished 38-year career in law enforcement, brings invaluable expertise to LEFTA Systems as a key member of the Board of Advisors. His journey began in September 1982 at the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office in Gainesville, Florida, where he ascended to the position of Chief Deputy until May 2007. Following this impactful role, Sheriff Gainey assumed a pivotal position as the Chief of Staff/Director of Law Enforcement & Victim Services at the Florida Office of the Attorney General in Tallahassee, overseeing diverse divisions. In May of 2016, he was appointed Sheriff of Marion County, Florida.

Beyond law enforcement, Sheriff Gainey actively engages in governance and public service. His commitment to effective leadership is evident in his recent role as Sheriff of Alachua County, beginning in October 2023. Sheriff Gainey’s extensive experience also includes service on the Governor’s Law Enforcement Transition Team and the Florida Constitution Revision Commission.

His multifaceted background, spanning law enforcement, governance, and community service, aligns seamlessly with LEFTA Systems’ mission to revolutionize law enforcement operations through advanced software solutions. Sheriff Gainey’s wealth of experience and dedication to excellence make him an invaluable asset to our advisory board.

Frank Mackesy

Chief of Police

Frank Mackesy’s law enforcement journey, spanning four decades, led him to become the Undersheriff of the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office in Duval County, Florida. During his tenure, overseeing a staff of approximately 3,200 employees, he played a pivotal role in managing a substantial budget of $320,000,000.

Currently serving as the Chief of Police for the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida, Frank is charged with ensuring the safety and security of the campus community, including students, faculty, and staff. His unique perspective, drawn from managing both a large urban police operation with the complexities of a major city and a smaller law enforcement agency with limited resources, makes him a valuable and seasoned contributor to the LEFTA Systems’ advisory board.

David Shoar

Sheriff (Retired)

Sheriff Shoar began his law enforcement career as a police officer with the St. Augustine Police Department in 1981 until May of 2000, when City Manager Bill Harriss appointed him Chief of Police. Sheriff Shoar retired from the St. Augustine Police Department in 2004 after being elected to serve as Sheriff of St. Johns County. After re-election in 2008 and 2012, Sheriff Shoar was elected to his fourth and final term as Sheriff in 2016.

Sheriff Shoar earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and his Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of North Florida. In 2005, Sheriff Shoar was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Law degree from Flagler College. Shoar is a 1998 graduate of the 193rd session of the FBI’s National Academy, a graduate of the 46th session of the FBI’s Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar (LEEDS), and a graduate of the 35th session of the Chief Executive Seminar.

In 2014, Shoar was elected by his fellow Sheriffs to serve as President of the Florida Sheriffs Association. He has served on a variety of advisory boards including the University of North Florida’s Institute of Government. Sheriff Shoar was appointed by three successive Florida Governors (Crist, Scott, and DeSantis) to serve as one of nineteen commissioners on the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.

Sheriff Shoar has served honorably in the United States Army and retired with the rank of Major. He was decorated numerous times including being awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal (twice), Humanitarian Service Medal, and several others.

Lauri Ellen Smith

Lauri-Ellen Smith’s extensive experience in Government and Corporate Public Affairs aligns seamlessly with her role on the Board of Advisors at LEFTA Systems. Focused on emergency/crisis/risk communication and management, she has served as the communications lead in over 30 Incident/Unified Commands, notably as the spokesperson for Super Bowl XXXIX Safety and Security. Her diverse career includes appointments as a lead communications strategist for law enforcement agencies, a city’s Community Relations Director, a Government Relations Officer, and an Emergency Manager for a state regulatory agency on the Gulf Coast. Lauri-Ellen’s rich background encompasses an ability to navigate media narratives in high-profile events, including hurricanes, murder trials, industrial incidents, civil unrest, and a campus shooting.

Today, Lauri-Ellen is a crisis/risk communications strategist, media trainer, and contract instructor for FEMA’s Public Information Officer curriculum. She is highly regarded as an advisor on risk/reputation management, customer service training, and media relations. As a member of the Board and Executive Committee of PRSA’s Public Affairs and Government Section, Lauri-Ellen received the Lloyd B. Dennis Distinguished Service Award in Public Affairs in 2015, PRSA’s highest honor for PAOs and PIOs. Her multifaceted career in administration and government affairs makes her a valuable advisor, providing strategic insights to reinforce LEFTA Systems’ commitment to enhancing trust and transparency in law enforcement.