Field Training Software (LEFTA)

“It’s better to teach them to swim upstream then trying to save them downriver!”

LEFTA Overview

Field standards documentation for new hire Fire/Rescue, EMT-Paramedic, dispatchers, or for specific assignment positions in the department is critical to well-trained first responders. Training and documentation are the most accountable areas that a department will face. Our field standards application is a comprehensive program that monitors on-the-job performance using skill based and core competency metrics. 

LEFTA™ is an automated, web-based field standards software modeled after the most successful, and widely used, basic trainee system in the United States. The program will be customized to fit your current department documentation requirements and needs. Providing a seamless transition from traditional paper to digital format that maintains your current workflow. LEFTA™ also provides an Early Warning System that alerts agency management to potential liability issues before they escalate. LEFTA Systems can watch your back for any likely accountability issues.