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Vehicle pursuits are a very high liability area for law enforcement agencies. Ensure that they are properly documented with VIPR.

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VIPR Quick Facts

  • Identify pursuit trends within your agency
  • Perform Statistical Analysis to help determine if pursuits were within your agency policy
  • Track suspect charges and violations
  • Track scores of data points, including reason for pursuit, how it was terminated, outcomes, and weather/traffic patterns

VIPR Overview

Vehicle Pursuits are one of the top liabilities agency leaders face. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, every year law enforcement is involved in more than 50,000 pursuits, and each day one person is killed as the result of a pursuit. Sadly, in one-third of these cases, it is an innocent bystander that is the victim. These statistics emphasize the importance for each law enforcement agency to uphold a pursuit policy that specifies the agency’s pursuit guidelines. It is equally important that officers receive proper training and ensure all pursuits are properly documented.

“It is a top priority for us to get a comprehensive risk management plan in place, and addressing traffic accidents has to be a big part of that. We need to look at what kind of training, supervision and policies could be implemented to prevent these accidents.”
-Richard Drooyan, president of the Los Angeles Police Commission

Investing in a quality vehicle pursuit documentation software solution ensures that vehicle pursuits are thoroughly documented, including:

  • Justification for the pursuit
  • Why it was initiated
  • Whether a supervisor monitored the pursuit
  • Traffic and weather conditions at the time of the pursuit
  • If the pursuit was justified based on the offense committed

Vehicle pursuit software allows for statistical analysis of your agency’s pursuit data, as well as identifying officers with the highest occurrence of agency pursuits.

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Vehicle Pursuit Reporting Software Is Part of the SHIELD Suite

All SHIELD applications can be used independently or can be combined to create a fully integrated system. Made for Cops by Cops, all applications are highly user and in-the-field friendly. SHIELD software applications not only mitigate liability for officers in the field and their agency, but can also be effective tools in bridging law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. Numerous reports and hundreds of statistics are readily available and easy to access. When used collectively, the SHIELD Suite enables a fully integrated early warning system that alerts agency management to potential liability issues before they escalate.

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