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By completing just one document, your officers will create a Field Investigation Report/Card that not only documents all necessary and relevant information about the contact they made, but also collects mandatory data that satisfies your state’s profiling law requirements.

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The California Racial and Identity Profiling Act, AB 953, often referred to “RIPA” or the “RIPA Act”, requires all California law enforcement agencies to collect detailed demographical information during traffic or pedestrian stops.

Collected data, must be securely transmitted to the California Department of Justice, either via an online portal that the DOJ is offering, with little control over the data for agency command staff, or by using a third party vendor like LEFTA Systems.  Our PASS application will not only collect your RIPA data and securely send it to DOJ, it has capabilities that other vendors do not:

  • Control your collected data
  • Decide when to transmit your data to DOJ
  • Run statistical reports, including public facing dashboard
  • Patented Demographic Early Warning System
  • Dual purpose: RIPA data and Field Interviews
  • Links to our Internal Affairs application

With 130+ law enforcement agencies in California alone that are using our applications, we are a trusted and reliable partner. Before making a decision on what vendor to choose, give us 30 minutes of your time for a free demo by clicking here.

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PASS Quick Facts

  • Document citizen encounters to protect your agency and community from claims of profiling bias
  • Patented Community Composition Analysis Tool documents the demographics of the areas your officers patrol, to help you interpret collected data correctly
  • Share enforcement data with the community to document transparency
  • Satisfies documentation required by your agency, state, or DOJ mandate

PASS Overview

Profiling Accountability Software Solution (PASS), enables law enforcement agencies to address two separate work processes within one application. Often, officers and deputies are required to collect detailed biographical information about individuals when they conduct traffic stops or make various other contacts with citizens of their community. The information collected during this contact with an individual is then used to prepare Field Investigation Reports or Cards (FIRs/FICs), and to create various other reports. In cases where information requires escalation, PASS electronically routes the report to the appropriate specialized unit or department.

Today’s rapidly changing law enforcement climate has prompted an increasing number of states to require their law enforcement agencies to provide quarterly or annual statistical data about the citizens they come into contact with. Recently, the state of California passed Assembly Bill 953, requiring law enforcement agencies to track and make public the types of stops and enforcement their officers are making in relation to the race, age, etc., of the persons they stop. The bill further requires these agencies to provide statistical data to the State. Departments across the country are working hard to improve integrity, community transparency and officer training. Growing State and Federal reporting requirements however, are placing tremendous additional pressures on these agencies and their officers.

LEFTA Systems has developed PASS to help ease pressure on departments and their officers, enabling them to fulfill reporting requirements by completing just one FIR/FIC that documents all necessary and relevant information. PASS is web-based, highly customizable and fully compliant with State and Federal statistical data requirements. Intuitive and user-friendly, PASS allows management to easily create and electronically approve reports, upload statistical data to their agency’s website and share an officer’s enforcement actions with the community, if needed.

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Field Contact and Profiling Software Is Part of the SHIELD Suite

All SHIELD applications can be used independently or can be combined to create a fully integrated system. Made for Cops by Cops, all applications are highly user and in-the-field friendly. SHIELD software applications not only mitigate liability for officers in the field and their agency, but can also be effective tools in bridging law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. Numerous reports and hundreds of statistics are readily available and easy to access. When used collectively, the SHIELD Suite enables a fully integrated early warning system that alerts agency management to potential liability issues before they escalate.

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