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The quality of an agency’s FTO Program will determine what type of officers they produce. Comprehensive and fully automated, LEFTA Systems’ Field Training software is being used by hundreds of agencies.

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"The program has worked great for us. The New Castle County Police Dept. also have the program and speak very positive about it."


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LEFTA Quick Facts

  • Review on-the-job performance during field training and probationary periods
  • Monitor the overall health of your FTO program
  • Identify training required to improve trainee performance
  • SHIELD your agency: monitor potential biases based on race, gender, and/or age

We have partnered with the Savage Training Group. They present best-in-class FTO training courses. Their courses create FTOs who are skilled teachers. Ready to get all your FTOs on the same page? Go to and learn what makes these courses so different.

LEFTA Overview

Training, or the lack thereof, is the single highest liability area for an agency and the quality of an agency’s FTO Program will determine what type of officers the agency will produce. Our Law Enforcement Field Training Application (LEFTA), is a comprehensive field training software program that monitors on-the-job performance during the field training curriculum and probationary period. An agency may have a very high quality field training program with outstanding FTOs, but does the program accurately and completely document the type and quantity of training a new recruit receives, or demonstrate the varying types of calls they are exposed to during their training?

Our automated, web-based FTO training software is modeled after the San Jose FTO program, a proven system that is currently used by most law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. Specific LEFTA Systems applications are available for documenting and tracking the field training of police officers/sheriff deputies, corrections officers, community service officers and communications officers/dispatchers. This FTO computer program can also be utilized to track field training of Emergency Medical Technicians. Our FTO program is created BY Field Training Officers and Supervisors FOR Field Training Officers and Supervisors. LEFTA is highly user and in-the-field friendly, web-based, fully customizable, completely paperless and offers a wide range of training forms and reports used by most law enforcement and first responder agencies.

The application is being used by over 300 first responder agencies throughout the United States that include local, tribal, state and federal agencies. Not only does LEFTA document and track the FTO training of police officers/sheriff deputies, corrections officers, community service officers and communications officers/dispatchers, it can also be utilized to track field training of emergency medical technicians and fire departments.

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Field Training Software Is Part of the SHIELD Suite

All SHIELD applications can be used independently or can be combined to create a fully integrated system. Made for Cops by Cops, all applications are highly user and in-the-field friendly. SHIELD software applications not only mitigate liability for officers in the field and their agency, but can also be effective tools in bridging law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. Numerous reports and hundreds of statistics are readily available and easy to access. When used collectively, the SHIELD Suite enables a fully integrated early warning system that alerts agency management to potential liability issues before they escalate.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Amount of Data

    We believe data can pave the pathway to change, growth, unification and transparency. Our systems are built upon ease of data extraction.

  • Our People

    Our team and commitment to customer service goes above and beyond. That's why our client retention rate is 99% in over a decade of being in business!

  • Innovation

    We are continually testing and improving our products to make them as feature rich and easy to use as possible.

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