About Us

Since 2006, LEFTA Systems has been working to build better software for law enforcement agencies and their employees. Continually testing and improving our products, LEFTA Systems applications are now being used at local, state and federal levels, and with nearly 300 clients and more than 50,000 law enforcement officers nationwide, LEFTA Systems has become the industry leader in law enforcement software.


LEFTA Systems’ new SHIELD Suite boasts a collection of software applications that document various high liability areas and events. These include Field Training, Use of Force, Employee Training Records Management, Field Investigation Reporting, Profiling, Immigration Investigation, Internal Affairs Investigations, Vehicle Pursuits, Employee Complaints, Employee Traffic Crash Reporting and Smart Phone apps. The company CEO has twenty years of law enforcement experience, mostly in a supervisory role, a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice and continues to stay knowledgeable by instructing advanced courses for law enforcement and authoring various articles for law enforcement publications. Exposure to literally hundreds of agencies throughout the U.S. and overseas has provided the experience and insight needed to ensure that our software applications work for all agencies, regardless of size or enforcement responsibilities. Made for Cops by Cops.


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