Managing Employee Training Records (METR)

“Training doesn’t cost…it pays!”

METR Overview

A truly robust, intuitive, scalable application to manage employee training records, equipment, certificates, employee evaluations, training plans print, schedule roll call/formal/or remedial training opportunities, training videos, policy review and sign off, legislation updates, search for equipment and expiration dates for training and supplies. 

Access can be granted to all personnel at various levels of need or responsibilities. Highly user-friendly, METR™ enables training managers to complete a myriad of functions including training class and test design (written tests are graded automatically by the system), assignment to classes, open enrollment registrations, customization of the site to your department needs, training record audits, file attachments, renewal reminders, and much, much more. Ability to track medication PAR amounts, expiration dates, lot serial numbers, and where medications are assigned.