5 Ways FTO Software Can Improve Your Field Training Program

After a long day in the field, the last thing you want to do is write out a report on paper or scramble to find any necessary tickets from the day.

What if all this information could be stored digitally? Well, it can.

This is where field training software comes in. Field training software makes tracking old documents, collaborating with coworkers, and filing information easier than ever. If you’re interested in improving your efficiency at work, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of field training software for FTOs.

What Is an FTO?

An FTO is a field training officer.

The field training officer is the person responsible for training juniors or probationary members of an organization. An FTO is of the highest seniority and has years of experience working in the field which is why they’re assigned to teach new members. This role is commonly recognized in:

  • Fire departments
  • Emergency medical services
  • Law enforcement

Field training software is helpful for field training officers to teach probationary or junior level officers.

How Field Training Software Can Improve Your Field Training Program

If you’re thinking about going digital with your files, but you’re skeptical, you’re not alone.

Information used and produced by law enforcement officers is sensitive, so it can feel safer to do everything on paper. The software can actually act as a safety net for much of the information you create, here’s why:

It’s Easy to Access

Information that’s easy to access is key for helping field officers, supervisors, and trainees improve their performance. 

Field training software makes it easy for everyone to stay up-to-date on the latest information. In regards to records, scheduling, employment history, or anything else, having instant access is important for growth in the field.

It Can Save You Time

When you play multiple roles in your organization, having to do everything manually can be time-consuming.

When you have to track down coworkers, find paperwork, or get a signature, it can take up time that should be spent doing productive work. If you spend an excessive amount of time with the behind-the-scenes tasks, time is being taken away from the fieldwork.

Having software that stores all the necessary information in one place is a huge asset to field training officers. Communication can be done electronically, so the officer doesn’t need to waste time tracking down other coworkers.

It Creates Less Room for Human Error

The average person can only remember a few tasks at a time. 

Because of this, important tasks may end up forgotten. In addition to tasks being forgotten, a DOR has many questions that can easily be forgotten. If a DOR is filled out incorrectly, it can become a legal issue.

Using FTO software is a great way to lower the risk of human error on important reports. The software will identify mistakes within the report and help you track the information that still needs to be filled in.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Efficiency at Work?

Field training software is a huge asset when it comes to tracking important information.

With all the information available in one place, field training officers and junior employees can save time and focus on fieldwork. If you’re ready to improve your efficiency, contact us today to get started!


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