LEFTA Systems Presents Solution for Law Enforcement to Comply with California’s Training Records Requirements

Application Allows for Officers’ Training Records to be Submitted Automatically to Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (December 2, 2020) – LEFTA Systems, the industry leader for law enforcement internal documentation processes and applications, today announced it has enabled its Managing Employee Training Records (METR) software to submit required agency training records directly to the state of California, a process that will keep agencies in compliance and save them time.

California requires law enforcement officers to participate in various training courses and that the resulting records be submitted to California’s Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. Through METR, law enforcement agencies can track and store employees’ training records digitally from date of hire until retirement or separation from the force. Further, it enables agencies to submit the required records to the state automatically. Such records include firearm qualifications, in-service and state mandated training and civilian employee continuing education units.

“The tracking of a law enforcement officer’s training records is important from day one of the academy to the day an officer leaves an agency,” said Bryan Selzer, CEO and founder, LEFTA Systems. “It’s critical to adopt a technology that sends automated reminders to maintain training credibility and certifications that are due to expire. Having accessible information immediately lets management accurately respond and retrain where necessary.”

METR is a web-based software program that allows agencies to create, store and access their sworn and civilian employee training records in one single, comprehensive application. Highly user-friendly, METR enables training managers to complete a myriad of activities including training classes, record audits and certification renewal reminders. METR is included in LEFTA Systems’s SHIELD Suite, a platform of applications that offer training and other high liability incident reporting software solutions.

For more information about METR and LEFTA Systems, please visit our website at leftasystems.org.

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