Use of Force Simulator Unveiled in North Carolina

Durham Police Department in North Carolina has just unveiled a new use-of-force simulator.  With this new and portable device they will be able to better prepare for the use of force in the real world.

“The simulator, which is portable, has a large screen that took up most of a conference room wall. It replaces a system that Lynde likened to an Atari, the video game system popular in the 1970s and ’80s, with tethered controls and technology that prevented officers from moving around.” (

“The new system includes laser tools that look like a gun, pepper spray and a Taser that can be used in the about 750 different training scenarios with more than 3,000 potential outcomes.  The scenarios range from a shooter on a bus and a traffic stop, to a man with a gun to the head and an active shooter at a pre-school.” (

There are many psychological factors that come into play when a police officer is faced with dangerous and potentially life threatening situations; the implementation of this system will allow for better decision making when force is required.  “The idea is every time you go through something like this you are going to get better at it each time because your body is going to be more and more accustomed to the stress,” training officer Nicholas Lynde said. “And your decisions are going to be better each time.” (

We live in a world where dangerous situations occur and force needs to be used by police officers.  A system like this one can help to prepare officers’, improve their decision making skills and better prepare them.

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Written By: Jeff (LEFTA Systems)

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