Leveraging Technology To Bring Police Field Training Into The Digital Age

It’s essential for industries to keep up with changing times in society. Especially, the law enforcement industry. Many tactics and processes are being improved by technology. They are changing the police field for the better. 

These improvements are not just about technology. The police industry has the chance to incorporate feedback from the community. They can also enable safe relationships and interventions with the community.

In this article, you’ll learn how emerging technology builds a modern police force. And, of course, how it improves training.


Training Software

An efficient field training system is vital for the police force. It prepares officers in the best way possible to keep the community safe and adhere to agency procedures. It also helps avoid future mistakes or negligence. 

Digital police use training software to document training procedures. It also helps review them efficiently. Forms and structures update with the click of a button. Programs are adjusted and reviewed easily. 

For example, LEFTA systems’ training software can improve law enforcement training by: 

  • Reviewing performance during training 
  • Monitoring health 
  • Personalized training improvements 
  • Monitoring potential biases 
  • and more!


Smart Sensors

A ton of information is collected by law enforcement so their job can be accomplished as effectively and efficiently as possible. This includes locations, sounds, imaging, and videos. Nowadays, smart sensors are used to enhance the collection of information. It can log locations, scan databases, and offer a heightened awareness of environments. 

The smart sensors provide a stream of valuable raw data that allows for more detailed analytics. This, in turn, improves the efficiency and thoroughness of police investigations. Moreover, they can help police officers be at the right place by scanning information.


Artificial Intelligence

Our world functions on data. The more technologies that law enforcement uses, the more data they will have at their disposal. How do you use this data efficiently? 

The answer is artificial intelligence. This will allow an immense volume of data to be used accurately to support police actions and investigations. A human would spend a lifetime trying to decipher meaning. For example, AI is helping law enforcement across the U.S. watch & surveil large gatherings like marathons and festivals to be able to detect any suspicious activity or threats before they happen.  These are the types of events that would be impossible to secure by patrolmen on foot.

AI helps law enforcement recognize patterns in the data. This can link key suspects, analyzing sensor deeds, and diligently sifting through databases.


The Future of Modern Police

Law enforcement is all about keeping society safe. So, when society changes, law enforcement must change with it. By leveraging technology we can build a police force of the future that is more knowledgeable, better trained, better prepared and held accountable by the public it has sworn to protect.

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