LEFTA Systems Offers Solution to Satisfy California’s Racial and Identity Profiling Act

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (November 17, 2020) – LEFTA Systems, the industry leader for law enforcement internal documentation processes and applications, today announced its Profiling Accountability Software Solution (PASS) has met full compliance with reporting specifics mandated by California’s Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA).

Directly linking to California’s Department of Justice, PASS documents specific details about contact made, reports actionable insights and proactively identifies issues to mitigate future incidents.

Passed in 2018, RIPA requires state and local law enforcement agencies to collect stop data, including race, gender and identity, and report all information to the Department of Justice. By 2023, all agencies are expected to issue their first annual reports to the Attorney General.

“Today’s rapidly changing law enforcement climate has prompted an increasing number of states to require their law enforcement agencies to provide statistical data about citizen contact,” said Bryan Selzer, CEO and founder, LEFTA Systems.California has long been hailed as a progressive state whose policies are adopted nationally. Our PASS application will help RIPA transition to its final stages of implementation while simultaneously assisting other states facing this requirement in the near future.”

LEFTA Systems developed PASS to help alleviate pressure and streamline reporting for law enforcement agencies, enabling them to fulfill requirements by completing only one document. Intuitive and user-friendly, PASS allows management to easily create and electronically approve reports, upload statistical data to their agency’s website and share an officer’s enforcement actions with the community, when requested.

For more information about PASS and LEFTA Systems, please visit our website at leftasystems.org


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