Law Enforcement standing by to hear their role in President Trump’s Immigration Reform

Emily L. Mahoney of Cronkite News Arizona recently reported on the effects of President Trump’s executive order regarding local law enforcement performing the functions of an immigration officer, Arizona Law Enforcement Cautious of Trump Order to Enforce Immigration Laws.

The article discusses a part of Trump’s order calling for a renewed push for 287(g) agreements.

One of the concerns some law enforcement agencies have is the additional cost associated with unfunded mandates, which “kill” local budgets.  Administrators want to ensure that local service needs are met and that additional immigration enforcement requirements would not interfere with such service. Yet another concern is to ensure racial profiling will not play a part in any immigration enforcement. A software program which will be of tremendous help to law enforcement agencies to ensure bias free immigration enforcement, is LEFTA Systems Immigration Field Investigation Report (IFIR) application.

Written By: George (LEFTA Systems)

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