Federal, state or local grants may be available to assist your agency with the purchase of the LEFTA Systems software. As a service to its customers, LEFTA Systems will assist you in finding and applying for suitable grants that will qualify for the purchase of law enforcement software applications.

In addition to locating a potentially appropriate grant, we will also provide you with specific text regarding our software, based on the guidelines required by the grant. This typically includes the statement of the problem, the solution, and the expected outcome, as well as budgetary considerations.

Since every agency has its own unique circumstances, each grant application will need individualized information. This will require interactive participation between the applicant and the LEFTA Systems Grants Coordinator. The applicant’s contact to work with LEFTA Systems on this should be the internal grants coordinator, if the agency has one.

A number of factors affect successful grant application for your software. The most important of these is eligibility, which is specified in each grant solicitation. The second factor is how well the proposed program fits the grant’s guidelines. Agencies should make these determinations prior to working on any grant application for software to track their field training program.

Bear in mind that there may not be a suitable grant available. Based on past solicitation histories, LEFTA Systems can provide you with a list of potentially appropriate grants, along with their anticipated solicitation dates, if known.

Once a grant solicitation is announced, there is typically a very short turn-around time for the completion and submission of the application. LEFTA Systems does not sponsor any grants, cannot submit grants for you, and makes no guarantees for approval. However, we will provide you with professional grant guidance that can improve your chances for a successful outcome. We believe that every law enforcement agency should be able to have the best available software applications on the market.